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Who Are We?


My Name is Thomas Silkman. I am the owner of Flint Hills Music. Enough about me. What really matters is the excellent group of people who work here and strive to make our business as great as it can be. This is a family business, as well as an employee based business. Everyone on our team cares about providing service to all of the great music educators and students who make it all worthwhile. You see, we work for the same reason as the educators we service, we have a passion for music! Your mom always said to do something and be part of something you love, right? So did mine! We work for the musicians, young or old, and many of us are musicians as well. We love our work because we love the craft. We gladly provide excellent service to any and all of those who are also in pursuit of the great gift of music. 

Why Are We Different?


Flint Hills Music, in one form or another, and by one name or another has been around for almost  100 years. Yes we are in the small town of Emporia KS, and judging from far away you may not realize, but Emporia is a vibrant cultural and musical community who supports the arts and education to a level that which we are extremely proud. We have built our service on the idea of supporting rural communities who also take pride in their music programs. We strongly believe that every student and young musician deserves the opportunity and enrichment that a musical experience can provide. This is what gets us to work every day, and we hope to make a difference in the lives of these musicians in any way possible, We are different because we care more.. We care more because we know why we do what we do. 

The Future Sounds Good!


Although many may say we are just a music store, we do some pretty cool things you may not realize. For instance, our "Superior Student" program. We believe that no student who has a passion for music should be left without the proper supplies and support that they may need to be successful in their pursuit of music. We developed a program where, by teacher nomination, any student who shows extra effort, determination, care, drive, enthusiasm, etc, can be nominated to receive our monthly award to a "Superior Student" of $50 dollars toward accessories, repairs, lessons, etc. These students deserve it, and we are proud to be able to provide this service to the people who make our work so enjoyable. The future is bright because we know who we are working for! Spend a day in a band room, or listen really closely during halftime of that next football game and you will see exactly what we are talking about. 

Thomas Silkman
Founder’s Notes 


"The band and orchestra students are the reason we do what we do, and also the reason that the teachers we work for do what they do. We are not talking about studying for a math test.. not to discount that in any way, but students learning to express themselves through music are also learning social skills, theory, dynamics, self reliance, work ethic, pride, and so many other skills and experiences of feeling that will help them succeed throughout their life. Music is the universal language not just because it can be understood and appreciated by any background, ethnicity or culture, but because the lessons learned through the pursuit of music are those which make up a good and well rounded human being. It's something you can't put your finger on, but we all know, there is something extraordinarily special about music, and in turn, the benefits are also extraordinary " 

   The Team

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